Situated within close distance of Tbilisi, Kazbegi (also referred to as Stepantsminda,) delivers well-trod hiking trails, magnificent mountain views, and a breath of clean air. These characteristics make Kazbegi a more sensible choice as compared to any other attraction. So no matter what your travel style or interests are, Kazbegi is a must-see in Georgia. The region used to have a separatist conflict with Tbilisi, at present it is a complete Georgian-controlled land and secure to travel. Without having a shadow of uncertainty, Now Kazbegi has been a dream destination for several tourists, including local Georgians and foreigners as well. Because of its blissful natural beauty and location at the Russian border, Kazbegi attracts hundreds of Russian tourists. It’s now well-developed and has plenty of guesthouses where you can hang out with local people. Stepantsminda Historic Museum, Trinity Church, Devdoraki Glacier, and Upper Truso Gorge are classified as the most prominent tourist attractions in the Kazbegi region. If you’re lucky enough, and the weather is kind enough, you would be able to see the third highest Georgia mountain, the Great Caucasus from Kazbek (Stepantsminda). Aside from that, there are numerous activities in Kazbegi that are designed to make you addicted during your stay. In winter, a lot of people come here in order to enjoy the winter activities as it offers a plethora of activities in winter. You are also able to do many activities in Kazbegi in Summar.