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To make your Georgia trip easier to experience and the best of what the country presents, we’re here to feature famous Georgia tour packages. Being a knowledgeable and specialized Georgia tour operator, we ensure you that at no stage during your trip to Georgia you’ll be disappointed. So book a holiday package to Georgia with us and uncover this spectacular land with rich history and appealing cultural traditions.

About Georgia

In spite of being situated in the Caucasus region exactly at the junction of Eastern Europe and Western Asia, Georgia is still largely anonymous to tourists outside of Eastern Europe and the Middle East, making it a special tour attraction in the region. Though Georgia is a small-size country, it is filled with tourist attractions such as ski resorts, deserts, Black Sea coasts and alpine zones.  Apart from that, Georgia has several hiking and backpacking-friendly mountains, which makes it a heaven for outdoor camping lovers in the summer season. Whilst in winter months, these mountains are covered with spectacular snow-capped glaciers, crystal clear rivers, lakes and an abundance of wild animals such as bears, eagles, and wolves.  As a former Soviet Union country and partial part of the Ottoman empire, Georgia is equally packed with ancient spots ranging from deserted industrial facilities to masterpieces of Soviet Modernism, Communist buildings to Russian-designed functioning infrastructure.  During your trip to Georgia, you’ll encounter such conventional style artwork, but you’ll also observe modern building, particularly in well-developed cities such as Tbilisi. What’s even better, the Georgian people are friendly and even have a traditional saying that “Every guest is God-sent”. That means your trip to Georgia is actually a vacation into kindness and humanity. When compared to Western European cities, the crime rate in the entire of Georgia is fairly lower. Despite the fact that Georgia is broken down into 11 religions, about 83% of Georgian are Orthodox Christians, while Islam is the second-largest religion. Georgia on the North borders Russia and Turkey and Armenia and Azerbaijan on the South and East.

Georgia country


Panoramic view of Tbilisi, Georgia

It goes without saying, Tbilisi is considered the most prominent and crowded city of Georgia. Nearly every vacationer traveling to Georgia will certainly make a visit to Tbilisi at some point. In spite of being loaded with travelers, it won’t let you down. From the intriguing nightlife to first-class dining options, plenty of great historical spots to an abundance of innovative hotels, Tbilisi has everything for travellers to enjoy comfort and ease. Aside, you can experience the beauty of Turkish & Russian architecture in Tbilisi as in the past it had remained under the administration of the Ottoman Empire and the Soviet Union. Tbilisi features many well-known tourist attractions such as cathedrals Sameba and Sioni, Freedom Square, Rustaveli Avenue and Agmashenebeli Avenue, medieval Narikala Fortress, the pseudo-Moorish Opera Theater, and the Georgian National Museum. Additionally, a 161-hectare Botanical Garden in Tbilisi with over 3,500 plants also catches the attention of a bunch of visitors. Having said that, the most visited tourist attraction in Tbilisi is the Old Town of Tbilisi. This single area is actually the backbone of Tbilisi tourism. The old Town of Tbilisi delivers a sensation of both Europe and Asia. Apart from Georgian food, you can also get pleasure from the great mix of European and Middle Eastern cuisines in the Old Town.


Strategically located near the Turkish border and at the coastline of the Black Sea, The Batumi is yet another attention-grabbing tourist point in Georgia. As per some reports, President Donald Trump once even had a plan to build a skyscraper here. It provides travelers with a stark contrast of conventional old vs sparkling and modern architecture. As the second biggest airport in Georgia, Batumi Airport takes care of numerous overseas destinations like Dubai, Moscow, Istanbul and Kiev etc. Because of its location at the foot of the Black Sea, Batumi is referred to as a beach holiday destination. However, the encompassing Adjara mountains offer more than sunbathing. Europe Square, Batumi Boulevard, Ali and Nino statue (aka Statue of Love), Nurigeli Lake, Dolphinarium, 6 May Park, Batumi Port, Old Batumi and Cable car are top places and things to do in Batumi. Visit to Batumi city is possible in all weather. During rainy months, Batumi becomes intimate – vibrant, cheerful with people-pebbled avenues. If you are in Batumi in the fall months, it is a plus point as it is possible to take part in two large-scale events – “Batumoba” and rural tourism festival – “Gandagana”. Both of these events symbolize Adjarian towns and demonstrate a multitude of fresh local fruits and sweet Georgian dishes that load the air with a mouth-watering aroma.



Kazbegi Georgia

Situated within close distance of Tbilisi, Kazbegi (also referred to as Stepantsminda,) delivers well-trod hiking trails, magnificent mountain views, and a breath of clean air. These characteristics make Kazbegi a more sensible choice as compared to any other attraction. So no matter what your travel style or interests are, Kazbegi is a must-see in Georgia. The region used to have a separatist conflict with Tbilisi, at present it is a complete Georgian-controlled land and secure to travel. Without having a shadow of uncertainty, Now Kazbegi has been a dream destination for several tourists, including local Georgians and foreigners as well. Because of its blissful natural beauty and location at the Russian border, Kazbegi attracts hundreds of Russian tourists. It’s now well-developed and has plenty of guesthouses where you can hang out with local people. Stepantsminda Historic Museum, Trinity Church, Devdoraki Glacier, and Upper Truso Gorge are classified as the most prominent tourist attractions in the Kazbegi region. If you’re lucky enough, and the weather is kind enough, you would be able to see the third highest Georgia mountain, the Great Caucasus from Kazbek (Stepantsminda). Aside from that, there are numerous activities in Kazbegi that are designed to make you addicted during your stay. In winter, a lot of people come here in order to enjoy the winter activities as it offers a plethora of activities in winter. You are also able to do many activities in Kazbegi in Summar.